Newly Released Research Report Explains

Thermal Distribution Efficiency

Like we’ve said, a listing criteria standard should not be a mystery.

To dive into the details of Thermal Distribution Efficiency and make an assessment of whether or not it is substantially good for our industry and our customers, download this newly published White Paper on TDE and the claims made about it.

Here are the main questions we asked and researched in order to publish the White Paper:

  • What is the definition of TDE?
  • What value does TDE provide for a design calculation?
  • What do the TDE equation and testing process enable us to know objectively?
  • How many products on the market are currently certified and sold under the TDE standard?
  • How can TDE be linked to R-value?
  • How can a product with a known R-value of less than R1 be sold as an R10 equivalent?
  • What is Energy Conservation Capability?
  • Thank you for your interest! Contact us anytime with questions!

    The Spunstrand Team

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